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What is Quottly / Cal State Online?

Cal State Online has partnered with Quottly, Inc. to provide CSU students with convenient and affordable access to online courses statewide that fulfill general education requirements of CSU students. Through an easy to use interface, CSU students can discover transferable online courses either searching by:

What courses are available on Quottly/Cal State Online?

All online courses offered by the CSU and California Community College systems that fulfill general education requirements of CSU students.

What is a General Education Requirement?

As part of the requirements for a bachelor's degree, all CSU students must meet general education requirements. The California State University General Education-Breadth requirements includes a minimum of 48 semesters (72 quarter) units, which consist of 39 semester (58.5 quarter) units of lower division and at least 9 semester (12 quarter) units of upper division courses. Students can fulfill the lower division requirements at a community college prior to transferring to the CSU.

Can any CSU student take an online course via Quottly/Cal State Online?

In order to register for an online course via Quottly/Cal State Online, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate at any of the 23 CSU campuses, have a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. in all completed coursework, completed at least one term and earned 12 units and must be currently enrolled during period of concurrent enrollment with full time tuition and fees paid.

Do I need to confirm that the class I find on Quottly/Cal State Online transfers to my CSU home campus?

Yes, once you’ve found the class you want to take online, please meet with your General Education Advisor to insure that the course will count towards your general education requirements. Quottly support staff are also available to you to assist you in this regard.

In order to have a Quottly support team member assist me in registering for a class on Quottly should I sign a FERPA release form?

Yes. When a student fills out an application for a course on Quottly, the student signs a FERPA release in order for a Quottly support team member to process their enrollment.

If needed, how do I drop a course that I register for through Quottly/Cal State Online?

To drop a course, please follow the guidelines at the host campus. Should you need assistance, contact their advising office.

How do I dispute a grade for a course I enroll in via Quottly/Cal State Online?

To dispute a grade you must follow the guidelines provided by the host campus. Should you need assistance, contact their advising office.

How do I get my credit?

When the course is completed, we will either request a transcript is sent back to your home school, or remind you to do so. Your university will then award credit for the class.

How long does it take to register?

Finding classes takes only a few minutes. After an application is submitted on Quottly/Cal State Online, it usually takes 2-3 business days for you to be accepted by the school, but may take up to 7.

How does Quottly find the right classes?

Quottly brings together multiple points of data. We use articulation to determine which courses are transferable. We import the gen ed requirements to determine which transferable courses count for your degree. And we get the class schedules to determine which classes are actually being offered at convenient times.

How do transfer credits get approved?

Each CSU campus has a different process for approving transfer credit. In some cases, no pre-approval is necessary, in others, a course is transferable with advisor approval. We import each university’s rules and contact their advisors so we know the procedure. This enables us to let you fill out forms on the web, and then we can produce a PDF to email to the appropriate advisor, if necessary. You never have to leave Quottly to register and can complete the whole process online.

How much does Quottly cost?

You can search for courses for free on Quottly, and the Quottly service fee is waived (a $34 value) for CSUs students who enroll in an online course. If you have any questions regarding payment contact to speak to one of Quotty’s support staff.

Looking for a course through Quottly but not enrolled as a CSU student?

No problem. You can search for courses directly for free on and registering for a course costs just $34. The Cal State Online fee waiver currently only applies to CSU students already enrolled at one of the 23 campuses.

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